5 Tips To Get Pregnant Naturally After 30

Getting pregnant after 30 years old is very much possible, however it's not easy. In the next few minutes I'm going to share with you some ways that can really be helpful for you to boost your odds to get pregnant after 30 without any expensive surgery. Ready? Let's start!


Researches have shown that 1 or 2 drinks a week should not stop you from getting pregnant after age 30. Red wine has in fact been confirmed to be good for woman's health. Even though no link has been discovered with this amount of alcohol to stop conception, moderation is the key. Girls who drink excessively will reduce their chances of conception and danger major birth defects in the event that they conceive.

Monitor the Basal Body Temperature

That is your body's temperature when you are totally at rest. During ovulation, the body temperature will increase slightly by something like one degree. You will get pregnant easily during the two to three days before the temperature rises. In most cases, ovulation has started once you noticed that the body temperature has increased slightly and stays steady for three days or even more. You should use an oral thermometer to monitor your basal body temperature. Make sure you measure the temperature every morning before getting out of bed. Write down the readings on a notebook and observe the changes.

Be Part Of A Fertility Support Group

Join a fertility support group to get some ideas and try these suggestions. You will find that many women who are over 30 years old also face some difficulties as you do.

Avoid Stress And Unhealthy Habits

You may also need to reduce stress because it reduces a woman's fertility and the man performance. Limit unhealthy habits like nicotine and caffeine as these substances cut down the odds of conception. Ladies should eat healthy well balanced diets and take vitamins and supplements as well as Folic Acid. Most of all, Males need to pamper their ladies who're getting pregnant after age 30 with massages, spa trips and more romantic ideas.

Try The Missionary Position

The best position to use during intercourse to help become pregnant has not been scientifically confirmed, but many accept as true that the missionary position is the most recommended. This is because it provides for the deepest penetration and places the sperm closest to the cervix. Again, there is no scientific evidence that suggests one position is much better than another.

Follow this advice and you are on the proper way to get pregnant after 30, good luck!